To grow trees out of tiny seeds

Life trek wants to be a solid root to grow gorgeous branches in beautiful lives. Below is our project plan step by step. 

  1. Fundraise campaign:
    We are looking for funds and started a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe to buy necessary gear for training.
  2. Buy gear or collect gear from donors:
    We are also looking for outdoor equipment which we will use for training. If you can donate gear, we are more than happy to talk about that. Please send us an e-mail at info@project-liftrek.com.
  3. Write a letter to organizations and travel agents:
    We will write letters to authorized organizations and agents about our project and ask for the help of different camping and outdoor gear until we can buy equipment ourselves. If we get this help, it will be easy to start training.
  4. Two months full training:
    We plan to start with a two months-long training program. Our training will provide professional skills in rafting, trekking, language, first-aid, and rescue training. After that, we will evaluate our program and make a full-year program.
  5. Basic First Aid and rescue:
    We will share our knowledge about basic first-aid. Since we cannot give a certificate, we will contact the authorized organization and provide courses to get our student’s first-aid certificates.
  6. Work as an assistant Guide:
    Our students can work as assistant guides in the rafting and trekking fields after all this training. They are not allowed to guide alone because they need to have a guide license from the government. To get a guide license, they should have two years of experience working in the same fields.
  7. Trekking and Rafting License:
    To get a trekking and rafting guide license from the Nepalese government, they need to have two years of working experience in related fields. Rafting guide license training is three weeks, and trekking guide license is five weeks. The government announces those training once a year. We will apply for guide license training after they worked as an assistant for two years.
  8. Participation in different championships:
    There are many different championships in Nepal. LifeTrek will gather all women who like to participate and train hard. We will try to participate in international competitions also.
  9. Expanded more adventure:
    When all our plans go well, we will take the next step to expand more in the future. We plan to start training climbing, mountain biking, mountaineering, paragliding, canyoning, and driving.