To grow trees out of tiny seeds

Life trek wants to be a solid root to grow gorgeous branches in beautiful lives. Below is our project plan, step by step. 

Free Gear used for Women

As part of our Women’s Project, we offer women the use of our gear free of charge and river skill simultaneously. Our equipment is stored at our river friend resort on the Bhotekosi River, 62 kilometers from Kathmandu. You are welcome to use the gear whenever we have it. We decided to store our river gear at this location because it is close to Kathmandu and provides everyone with an excellent river experience or training. We do not have a set training date, and the place is open for you every day whenever you have time.

We would be fantastic to support all girls on a small path toward their dreams, and we appreciate your support in running this project together.


  • Participants should be between 16 and 60 years old (young girls, married women, mothers, and even grandmothers are welcome if they desire to do something in life).
  • You need to fill out a risk form before entering the river.
  • A minimum of four persons is required.
  • 500/- (five hundred rupees) per person daily is required to support the instructor remotely.
  • You must pay for food, transportation, and overnight expenses.
  • After using the gear, please store it back neatly and clean.
  • If any gear is damaged during the trip, please report it to us.
  • We have a support box where you can put 50/- (fifty rupees) or more to help maintain our gear for future use.

Note: Till now, we have lifejackets, dry-tops, and helmets. Unfortunately, we do not have raft gear. We need your support to fulfill equipment help for our girls. Please donate gear to us, new or old, anything we accept that can be safe and useable outdoors. We all can bring our girls together and change our social causes of gender.

Training every day

Let’s make a loud voice everyday training day. We believe this is the best way for everyone willing to learn excellent river skills whenever they have time. If you read Free gear used for women, you already understand how it works. If you are not, please read for more details. Our goal is for everybody to get an opportunity to learn river skills without waiting for a specific training date, and they can fulfill their journey slowly but surely.

School Project

Tourism is an important industry in Nepal and plays a significant economic role. However, ’s impotence to note that the level of awareness and knowledge about tourism is inferior to factors such as education, geographic location, and exposure to the tourism industry. 

The reason is one of our big planned projects for Nepal. As we mansions how impotent tourism is. We want to expand the information to young generations about tourism, and outdoor adventure is an enormous possibility for everyone. We could not find any documents about it. Unfortunately, more than 70% of people do not know about it. 

Our idea is to set up an awareness program through a School Project to inform all students about Nepal, tourism opportunities, and how everyone can sustain from it. We set up an event project and will go to the local people, government, and schools as it as possible.

Everyone has an equal right to know about our tourism, nature, and possibilities in Nepal.

Why School Project

  1. Economic Benefits: Tourism is an important industry in Nepal and contributes significantly to the country’s economy. By educating students about tourism, they can understand the significance of tourism and its impact on the economy. This can encourage them to pursue jobs in the tourism industry, further strengthening the country’s economy.
  2. Cultural Preservation: Nepal has a rich and diverse cultural heritage. Students can learn about Nepal’s different cultures, traditions, and practices by promoting tourism. This can encourage cultural preservation and respect for Nepal’s cultural heritage.
  3. Sustainable Tourism: Nepal is known for its natural beauty and biodiversity. Students can learn how to preserve the environment and natural resources by promoting sustainable tourism practices. This can encourage responsible tourism practices and minimize negative impacts on the environment.
  4. Career Opportunities: The tourism industry in Nepal offers various career opportunities, including hospitality, travel, and tourism management. By educating students about tourism, they can learn about these opportunities and the skills required to pursue a career in the tourism industry.
  5. National Development: Tourism is a significant contributor to the development of Nepal. By promoting tourism awareness, students can understand the importance of tourism in the country’s development. This can encourage them to participate in tourism-related activities and support Nepal’s development.

In summary, having an awareness program of tourism for every school and student in Nepal can contribute to the country’s economic development, cultural preservation, environmental sustainability, and personal growth.

Building a Female River Community

Building a solid female river community is a big challenge in Nepal. This project can contribute to their economic empowerment, promote gender equality, enhance skill development, support community development, and promote environmental sustainability.

Training Events

Training for skill development and different Championships: we have completed two months of training for two diverse groups. One who already knows. They trained to focus on the National Rafting championship. One more is new. We also focus on skill development, safety, and the National Rafting Championship. We will continue training for both categories.

Meeting and Training: Event to get together all our trainers from every project and the school project. As we have a regular training and school project. This will be great for us to get to know each other and make further plans for the future. There will be so many experiences to share with everyone. We believe this will give motivation, inspiration, and confidence to our trainer and Nepali community about gender quality and what is right to do personally for their future journey.