Our mission:
We are here to make a change

LifeTrek wants to change the patriarchal society of Nepal and work for more gender equality that women deserve. Everyone should have the right to make choices that make them happy.

We create opportunities for women who hunger to learn to be outdoor professionals and be independent. We help those who want to change life in Nepali society.

We believe all women should have equal rights, opportunities, and freedom as men do. So our program aims to help young girls and women by giving them outdoor skill training, guiding them to be self-supported, and building their confidence.

The mission of LifeTrek is to give complete training in outdoor adventure for women so they can overcome the conservative society by doing something they love. After training, they will work in the outdoor business as a guide, like rafting and trekking. Those skills will help them to feel secure and independent. They will also motivate more women to be self-empowered in the future.

Why Women’s empowerment important

  1. Economic Empowerment: Tourism is a significant contributor to the Nepalese economy. By empowering women to participate in the tourism industry, they can earn a living and contribute to their family income. This can lead to increased economic empowerment for women and poverty reduction.
  2. Gender Equality: In Nepal, there is still a gender gap in education and employment, and women face discrimination and inequality. Promoting women’s participation in the tourism industry will help to reduce gender-based disparities and promote gender equality.
  3. Skill Development: Tourism offers a range of employment opportunities that require different skills, including hospitality, travel, and tourism management. By providing women with training and skill development in these areas, they can gain confidence and knowledge and be more employable, which can help to enhance their career prospects.
  4. Community Development: Tourism has the potential to bring positive impacts to communities, including the creation of employment opportunities and the development of infrastructure. Empowering women to participate in the tourism industry can contribute to community development and improve the livelihoods of local communities.
  5. Environmental Sustainability: Tourism directly impacts the environment, and by empowering women with knowledge and skills on sustainable tourism practices, they can help promote responsible tourism and minimize negative environmental impacts.

In summary, an awareness and empowerment program of tourism for women in Nepal can contribute to their economic empowerment, promote gender equality, enhance skill development, support community development, and promote environmental sustainability.