The journey has begun

Finally, we are working on our project for real. Seeing our first group of women get up early every morning and train hard all day until late at night fills me with great joy.

Our group consists of hand-picked women from different backgrounds but with a common denominator: they all have a strong will to change their lives for the better. Before we gathered for this training camp, I conducted long interviews with everyone to be sure that I not only found women with a strong will but also with a background that needs to be improved. The goal of Project Lifetrek is not primarily to teach women to steer a raft boat down rapids but to teach women to take their future into their own hands. That is why we have placed great emphasis on finding the right people.

Our days start at 07.00 with a three-hour hike in the surrounding mountains. Once back, we cook together and then take us to the lake for technical training with the raft boat. After a couple of hours on the water, we run a physio every night to increase our strength.

Many in our group have never been in the water before and our training program is not only physical, but also mental. Being calm and safe in the water is a prerequisite for being able to become a rafting guide. We take steps step by step in this regard to avoid traumatic experiences that may hinder further development.

Another very important part of a raft guide’s job is handling ropes, knots and safety. We practice all the necessary knots daily and I am filled with joy when I see the group sitting during the lunch break and training on double eights 🙂

We have now trained together for about three weeks and we still have a long way to go. But I already have a great hope that this will be something really good and I want to thank from the bottom of my heart EVERYONE who donated money to this important project.