Thank you Kajaktiv for the all the dry-tops

We got a bunch of dry-tops from Kajaktiv in Sweden and for that we are really grateful.

In this blog, we want to tell everyone the great news Kajaktiv in Sweden donated ten dry tops from Hiko and Sweet protection. Both brands are well-established in the paddling community.

So firstly, we would like to say thank you to Kajaktiv and James Venimore for their support.

Kajaktiv is owned and managed by James, who has a long-standing connection to Nepal, having guided there in the 1990s, including as a guide on the first commercial Karnali with David Allardice and Ultimate Descents. The Rapid Flip and Strip he named after his raft flipped on that expedition, and a customer lost his pants.

Kajaktiv is based in Sweden, and next year they celebrate 30 years in the industry as a premium paddling supplier to the Swedish market, including courses for white water kayaking and recently included pack rafting.

Since spring 2022, Anu has been involved as a guide. Anu was so grateful to work with them and meet many energetic people who love to join river adventures. She has had a really good connection with the company since 2015. If you are planning for Sweden. This is one of the best places to visit, do some cozy river activities, and have fun with nature. Kajaktiv is located in a beautiful village called Dala-Floda, which is rich in nature and culture.

As we are looking to get help to support our Nepali girls. This means a lot to have ten great dry tops from the Kajaktiv. Thank you to kind James for his support.

We want to let all girls know this is all gear for you. If you are going to do training or a trip and don’t have anything, contact us and use it for a good reason.

At last, we request that if you have any outdoor used gear you don’t use, please donate to us. It will be a good blessing from you to our girls.