Girl's first day in the big rapid and camping

It was a big day for us because we were going to hit the massive waves in the Trishuli river for the first time. When we began our girl’s training, we started with very basic and accessible from the lake in the Pokhara. Until today, they learned many techniques to control and handle the raft, safety, and swimming.

Everyone was excited for the day. We got up early, packed all our gear, and started to walk to the bus station. So many bus staff was in the bus station, and our girls were bargaining for bus fares. It was so much fun, and finally, we headed in a nice micro van.

We arrived in Trishuli, set up the gear, and did a slight stretch before the action in the river. Our team was on the river for 4 hours, and we did 18 kilometers of rafting. It is an excellent river with lots of small and big rapids. We went through 5 major rapids: Upset, Monsoon, Landslide, Ladies delight, Twin rock – counted as grade 3 to 4, and many more small rapids. We finished the river for the day with a sweet smile on everyone’s faces. After the river, we collected wood to make a nice campfire at night. Everyone was tired after hard work in the river and a long day, but we still had to set up our camp. Girls did not lose their energy to learn anything coming in front of them. We teach them how to make a shelter by boat. The powerful girls succeed in building a raft shelter as a team. And finally, after that, we all went to sleep with the next day’s river plan.

Thank you for the magical day, super weather, greatest river, lovely nature, and all you beautiful soul who support us to make this happen.

We are all thankful to you and will continue working with women in Nepal. We will appreciate your support.

Have a wonderful day