Financial Blueprints for Project Life-trek

“Project Lifetrek is thrilled to have the support of so many kind-hearted people. We launched a GoFundMe campaign to kickstart our women’s empowerment project in Nepal and were grateful to receive significant support. Although we closed our two GoFundMe pages ten months ago, we completed two months of training with the generous help of the Cassandra Fund, Warmheartmedia, and Alice Bomboy. Their support was invaluable as we had almost depleted our budget.

Our ultimate goal is to participate in the National Rafting Championship, and we’ve documented our progress in our blog. We invite you to read more about our journey by following the link provided.”

Budget Sheet

“After participating in the National Rafting Championship, Anu met with Scott to discuss the plan. Scott has a channel and interviewed Anu to help raise funds for the project. He is now working with the Global Mountain Fund to support buying gear for the project.

In reviewing the expenses sheet, it’s important to note that a significant portion of the budget was spent on food. The sheet shows that Paddle Nepal provided us with two rafts and gear for two months without the cost of the training. If we need to hire additional equipment, it costs 600,000 ( six lakhs ) Nepalese rupees during the training movement. Project Lifetrek provided food for the paddle Nepal team as well. The project was happy with the ability to pay back by providing food for the team and would like to thank Paddle Nepal for supporting the women’s empowerment project. 

The project would like to thank the Cassandra Fund, Warmheartmedia, Alice Bomboy, Global Mountain Fund, and all who donated to our GoFundMe campaign. For further details on the budget sheet, If you want to have more information, please email us at We’re happy to share information about our project with everyone.”