Our Mission
Teach outdoor skills
and empower
young women in Nepal

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My name is Anu Shrestha. I have 15 years of experience in the outdoor. Now my goal is to empower more women to reach their goals.

Our mantra
Every human have the right to choose their path in life

About the founder

Anu Shrestha is the founder of project LifeTrek and is born and raised in Nepal. She has been working for 15 years in outdoor adventures as a rafting and trekking guide. By Choosing this profession, many doors have been opened - which would never be possible otherwise. Those long journeys with many obstacles taught her to live life in the way she wanted. Now, she is committed to making a change for young women in Nepal and changing people's minds to look more positively at women in society.

Our mission

Project LifeTrek wants to change the patriarchal society of Nepal and work for more gender equality that women deserve. Everyone should have the right to make their own choices that make them feel happy. Our mission is to empower, motivate and encourage women and young girls. We like to see them choose their path and start working in outdoor adventures by providing them with the necessary skills. Those skills will give them opportunities to chase their dreams and defy the barriers that stand in their ways.


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There are many ways to be a donor. If you believe in us, what we are doing to change women's lives and change society and gender equality in Nepal. Please support us in making the project happen.


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